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Ke Peng & Justine Chang

goat_28 001

Ke Peng (b. 1992, Changsha, raised in Shenzhen, China) lives and works in Los Angeles, CA and southern China. She is interested in how the different connect, and distinctions within similarity. The urge, burden and limitation of being in a specific space, as well as active looking is very important to her, while constantly thinking

Janet Delaney

5.Langton between Folsom and Harrison Streets, 1979

Janet Delaney is a fine art photographer whose work focuses on urban issues. She is currently documenting the rapid transformation of the SoMa district of San Francisco. This area was the subject of her earlier project, South of Market 1978-1986. Delaney has received three National Endowment for the Arts Grants and the Phelan Award. Her

Steven B. Smith


TIS books has published Steven B. Smith’s latest photobook entitled, Waiting out the Latter Days. Utah in the time of the Cold War is the backdrop for the monograph, in which time does seem suspended. Where everyone is in a perpetual state of waiting. Whether the next thing will be better or worse, we hardly know. Smith

Shayna Colvin


Shayna Colvin is a photographer from Orange County, California. She is currently based in Savannah, Georgia while she attends The Savannah College of Art and Design. She is pursuing a BFA in Photography. Shayna is young but has already started her career as a successful fashion photographer working with clients such as Urban Outfitters and

Carlos Jimenez

Carlos Jimenez - A questionable position by default-3

Primarily working in photography and video, Carlos Jimenez practice focuses on the analysis of what an image represents and what it is telling us about our position as viewers. Working across fiction and documentary, building narratives through the construction of highly staged photographs of actors and/or real scenarios populated by non-actors. The representation of the

Jessica Auer

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Jessica Auer is a photographer and visual artist from Montreal, Canada. Her work is broadly concerned with the study of cultural sites, focusing on themes that connect history, place, journey and cultural experience. Since earning her MFA from Concordia University in 2007, she has participated in several international residency programs including the Leighton Artist’s Colony

Kyler Zeleny


Kyler Zeleny is a Canadian visual sociologist. He is interested in Found Images from family albums, conscious/unconscious construction of ‘deviant cultures’, alternative culture movements, and how this defines and influences social policies. His personal interests in photography, which is reflective of his rural upbringing relates to open space, landscape portraiture, and the archeology of rural

Micah Cash

Fort Loudoun, Downstream

Micah Cash is a photographer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. His work examines how land use, landscapes, and their social histories influence cultural geography. Themes of ownership, demarcation, and utilization are explored across media. Cash received his MFA from the University of Connecticut and his BFA from the University of South Carolina. His work has

Thad Russell


Thad Russell is a fine art and editorial photographer whose work examines contemporary American life and landscape in all of its beauty, perversity and pathos. Born and raised in suburban Boston, Thad is a graduate of Stanford University and the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), where he received his MFA in photography in 2006. His work has been published in the

Felix Odell

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Felix Odell (b. 1976) is a photographer currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. After his studies in art and photography, Felix attended KTH, The Royal Technical College, for a degree in engineering, but decided to follow his instincts and make a break for it in photography instead. He began assisting many of Sweden’s most reputable photographs

Grace Ahlbom


Grace Ahlbom is a Brooklyn based photographer currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Photography at Pratt Institute. Although her photos are not of herself, in a way she is shooting self-portraits. Her work explores her fixation and envy towards boys while taking a playful approach toward her confusion and exploration of her gender identity. Grace started

Daniel W. Coburn


Daniel W. Coburn lives and works in Lawrence, Kansas. His work and research investigates the family photo album employed as one component of a visual infrastructure that supports the flawed ideology of the American Dream. Selections from his body of work have been featured in exhibitions at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art and

Neal Slavin


Neal Slavin is a world class photographer and film director. His well known photographic books include Portugal, When Two Or More Are Gathered Together, and Britons. He has produced and directed countless TV commercials through his own production company, Slavin-Schaffer Films. In addition Slavin’s feature films include FOCUS; written by Arthur Miller, which stars William H.