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Cody Cobb

Cody Cobb (b. 1984) is an American photographer based in Seattle, Washington. His photography attempts to capture portraits of the Earth’s surface, devoid of human interaction and interference. South This series was captured while visiting my home town of Blanchard, Louisiana in 2011. These scenes were discovered while exploring dirt roads, abandonments, swamps and pine forests of northwestern Louisiana, east Texas and southern Arkansas. To view more of Cody’s work please visit his website.   timberland uomo cheap jordan shoes toms outlet prada wallet scarpe timberland timberland outlet karen millen uk portafoglio prada prada shoes for men portafoglio prada


Joe Leavenworth

Joe Leavenworth was born in Decatur, Georgia 1985, raised in Woodbury, Connecticut and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2007. Joe’s first monograph, Native Son, was recently published in a first edition of 75, which sold out in less than two weeks. The second edition is now available and he will have his first solo exhibition of this work in October at Aviary in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. Joe lives and works in New York City. Native Son Native Son is an evolving collection of photographs made traveling the American Southeast, predominately Georgia. The inspiration for these adventures South comes directly from my own estranged relationship to the South. I was born in Decatur, Georgia 1985, adopted at birth and raised in Woodbury, Connecticut. As I matured, the itch to experience this region I felt connected to, albeit abstractly, intensified, and I was further propelled after reading my biological mother’s nine page handwritten letter left for me at birth. In October of 2009, I made my …


Sara Macel

Sara Macel is an artist and photographer born and raised in Spring, Texas and currently based in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media at the School of Visual Arts in 2011 and her BFA in Photography and Imaging from New York University Tisch School of the Arts in 2003. Her work has been widely exhibited and is held in various private collections, and in public collections including the Cleveland Museum of Art, Harry Ransom Center, and at the Center of Photography at Woodstock. Her first monograph, May the Road Rise to Meet You, was published by Daylight Books in 2013. In addition to her freelance work, Sara currently teaches photography at SUNY Rockland and is currently an artist-in-residence at the Wassaic Project in upstate New York. In the Company Car in 1981, Spring, Texas, 2009 Plane Over Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 2009 May the Road Rise to Meet You For the past forty years, my father has traveled around America as a telephone pole salesman. May the Road Rise …

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Clementine Schneidermann

Clementine Schneidermann was born in 1991 in France. She studied photography at the Applied art school of Vevey, Switzerland and is now undertaking a Master course in documentary photography at the University of South Wales, Newport. Clementine works on many long term projects and her work is selected for the Ideastap/Magnum Photos Award 2014. Today we feature her series, Love Me True. Billboard, Memphis Little Girl, Elvis Presley Boulevard Love Me True What moves me is people’s eccentricity. I don’t care if they are young or old, I just like them to feel different and want to be noticed. When you walk down the street, you will always notice a different hair cut, or an unexpected pronounced make up on an old lady. This artificial look could be interpreted as self-confidence but it is often ambiguous and underlies a king of insecurity. In my most recent projects, I have been looking for people who yearn to be someone else. They might be burlesque dancers or Elvis Presley fans; they all have this deep desire of …


Ashley M. Jones

Ashley M. Jones is a Florida-based large format photographer practicing within the broad genre of social documentary photography. Jones received her MFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and her BA from the University of South Florida. Her current body of work, Frogtown to Victory, is her attempt to comprehensively document the current state of Savannah’s Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard corridor through long-term documentation. Photographs from her series Frogtown to Victory have been featured in numerous publications including American Oxford, LightLeaked, One One Thousand, New Landscape Photography, Incandescent, IMPRINTS Magazine, Ticka-Arts, and ToneLit. She is actively exhibiting nationally and internationally in both group and solo exhibitions. Interstate 16 Flyover: Earl T. Shinoster Bridge, 2012. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard, 2012. Frogtown to Victory The mass production and relative affordability of the automobile in the early 20th century resulted in considerable changes to our nation’s infrastructure and the need to intersect highway systems with urban neighborhoods. As a resident of Savannah, I am fascinated by the rich history and historic architecture of the …


Walker Pickering

Walker Pickering (b. 1980) is an artist and photographer based in Austin, Texas. His work is primarily documentary in nature, using photography as a means to get access to people and places that might normally be unavailable. Walker was raised in the oil fields of West Texas and the swamps of far East Texas but spent his summers at family reunions in the Deep South. Walker has since returned to the Southern and Southwestern United States on several road trips to create his series, Nearly West, which we share with you today. Nearly West The first half of my childhood was spent in the West Texas desert oil fields, and the other half among the swamps and bayous of the Southeastern part of the state. Six-hundred miles stood between them. I grew up thinking they not only couldn’t have less in common but that I wasn’t truly from either. My ancestors hail from Alabama, Mississippi, and the like, and I spent summers as a child driving there for family reunions. I always felt like a …

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Robin Myers

Robin Myers was born and raised in Houston, Texas and holds a BFA from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She is the recent recipient of the 2014 Houston Center for Photography Fellowship, resulting in a solo exhibition opening in May. Her work has recently been exhibited at the Humble Arts Foundation’s Small Prints exhibition at Flash Forward Festival in Boston, Danforth Art, and Houston Center for Photography. Upcoming 2014 exhibitions include Wild and Woolly and The Flash of an Instant, both at the New Art Center in Newton, MA. Robin currently lives and works in Boston, MA. To view more of Robin’s work, purchase your copy of Aint-Bad Magazine Issue No.7 : Beyond Here, available in our shop, and visit Robin’s website. prada trainers uk cheap toms outlet prada sneakers karen millen uk cheap jordan prada outlet mens prada trainers christian louboutin paris louboutins france air jordan shoes



Daniel Kukla, a native of Indianapolis, Indiana, currently resides in Brooklyn, New York where he works as a photo-based artist. He is a graduate of The International Center of Photography program in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism. Prior to his photographic education, he attended The University of Toronto and received his B.Sc. in Evolutionary Ecology, Biology, and Evolutionary Human Anatomy. He works at the juncture of these disciplines, focusing in on capturing images that have the power to articulate our ever-changing relationship with the natural world. His work has been exhibited in the United States, Burma, Canada, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa and the UK. Captive Landscapes We, as humans, go to great lengths to satisfy our desire for a connection with the natural world, especially in our interactions with wild and exotic animals. Zoos are the primary site for this relationship, but they often obscure the conflicts inherent in maintaining and displaying captive wild animals. In this series, I photographed the interiors of animal enclosures at 12 different zoos across the U.S and …



Growing up in rural Maine, Caleb Charland spent much of his childhood helping his father remodel their family home. These experiences instilled an awareness of the potential for the creative use of materials, and the ability to fabricate his visions. Charland earned a BFA in photography with departmental honors from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2004, an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as a Trustees Fellow in 2010, and was a participant at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in 2009. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in several major collections including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Progressive Collection, and the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Charland currently lives and works in Maine. Back to Light The English scientist Michael Faraday, whose experiments with electricity and magnetism allowed for the practical use of theses forces in the modern world, once said “All this is a dream. Still examine it by a few experiments. Nothing is too wonderful to be true, if it …

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Whitten Sabbatini (b.1990) is a photographer currently living in Memphis, Tennessee. His work is included in The Do Good Fund’s collection of contemporary Southern photography. He received his BFA in photography from Mississippi State University in 2013, where he was the recipient of the College of Architecture, Art & Design Undergraduate Student Research Award for his series Of the South, as well as a National Conference Student Scholarship from the Society for Photographic Education. His ongoing project There’s Worse Things Than Being Alone was recently featured on Oxford American’s website as a part of their series Eyes On The South. We recently had a chance to sit down and talk with Whitten about how his work is affecting his post-college life and where he plans to take his photography in the near future. The following is an interview transcribed from a phone conversation. Hey Whitten, how’s it going? Ah this is so crazy; I’m doing really well thanks for doing all of this. So, where are you originally from? Well, I’m from Jackson Mississippi, about …


Caitlin Peterson

Caitlin Peterson was born in Milwaukee, WI, but spent the majority of her formative years in Birmingham, AL. She now lives in Savannah, GA where she is pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design. Caitlin primarily uses a large-format view camera to explore the relationship between man and the land. She has exhibited work in various group exhibitions in Birmingham, AL, Chicago, IL, & Savannah, GA. She hopes to relocate to Chicago after she graduates in the fall of 2013. The Seven Natural Wonders of Georgia were originally compiled by the state librarian, Ella May Thornton, in 1926. Although the list has changed slightly over the years, today the Wonders are generally acknowledged to be: Amicalola Falls, Okefenokee Swamp, Providence Canyon, Radium Springs, Stone Mountain, Tallulah Gorge, and Warm Springs. My work often deals with man’s relationship with the land: how we use, preserve, and classify it. In particular, I’m fascinated by the places that we have specifically set aside to preserve nature and the fact …

© Céline Clanet

Céline Clanet

Céline Clanet (1977) was born and raised in the French Alps. A graduate from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie of Arles (France), she has been working since 2005 on the European Arctic continental territory – known as «Lapland» – and Sámi people. Her «Máze» photographic series was awarded with several prizes in Europoe and USA, including the Critical Mass Book Award (USA). Published and exhibited in Europe and abroad, her photographic work is part of the Société Française de Photographie (France), the Archives Départementales de Savoie (France), the Portland Art Museum (USA) collections, as well as several private collections. Céline Clanet published three books: «Des Barrages et de Hommes en Savoie» (Actes Sud, France, 2011), «Máze» (Photolucida, USA, 2010) and «Un Mince Vernis de Réalité» (Filigranes, France, 2005). She works and lives in Paris. Since 2005 I have been traveling regularly to Máze, a small Sámi village located at the highest point of the European map, far above the Arctic Circle, in Norwegian Lapland. There, I met quiet people, sometimes melancholic, captivating, who …



Thomas Gardiner graduated from Yale with an MFA in Photography in 2012. He earned his BFA from The Cooper Union, during which time he began working with a 4×5 camera to document the small communities he grew up in around Western Canada. During his studies at Yale he switched to 8×10, and began documenting working-class cities in the Northeast around New Haven. In his first year he was awarded Yale’s Schickle-Collingwood Prize and in his final year both the Leeds-Marwell Photography Scholarship and the Tierney Fellowship. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NYC. Untitled, USA. I grew up in the isolated, hinterland regions of Western Canada. Economic life in these working class communities revolved primarily around resource extraction industries such as oil, potash, uranium and farming. Far from large cities and the cultural centers of the world, I desperately wanted to leave the small towns of Saskatchewan. When I did eventually leave, I found photography. After returning home after several living in Vancouver and then New York, I saw the people and places I left behind …

Huntington Beach, James River, Newport News, Virginia, July 23, 2012


Keith Yahrling is a photographer currently living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. He is a 2013 MFA in photography candidate at the Rhode Island School of Design and has plans to relocate to his native city, Philadelphia, this July. He has recently exhibited work at the Siskind Gallery at the Visual Studies Workshop in Rochester, New York, the Sol Koffler Gallery in Providence, Rhode Island and is scheduled to participate in a group show at Clampart in Chelsea this July. He was recently awarded a Graduate Studies Grant that will allow him to pursue his current body of work, For the Revolution, as well as a National Conference Student Award from the Society for Photographic Education and the T.C. Colley Scholarship for Excellence in Photography. For the Revolution The boundary of the United States of America’s original thirteen colonies encompasses roughly the country’s entire eastern coast—from Maine to Georgia and from the shores of the Atlantic Ocean to the Appalachian Mountains. It is within this historically significant boundary that the American Revolution was staged …


Louis Porter

Louis Porter (b.1977) is British born artist who works in the mode of a photographic flâneur, exploring a diverse range of themes including: urban space, photographic archives, leisure and violence. His work has been widely exhibited throughout the UK, England, Canada, Austria, China and Australia including multiple solo shows at the Monash Gallery of Art and Centre for Contemporary Photography in Melbourne. In 2012 he established his own imprint Twenty Shelves, its first publication, The Anatomy of Business, won the inaugural Most Beautiful Books Prize – Australia New Zealand 2013 and his forthcoming publication Conflict Resolution, will be distributed by Idea Books of Holland. Since 2000 he has been based in Melbourne – Australia, where he is the photographer for the City’s Arts and Heritage Collection and he is completing a Masters of Fine Arts at Monash University. Louis was a featured artist in issue No.4. Today we feature work from his series titled, Unknown Land. Unknown Land I arrived in Australia about ten years ago and like many before me intended only a brief …