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Some surprising things happen when you put out a bold, seemingly dangerous, call for selfie submissions. We are very excited to announce the arrival of our latest issue! Vol. 3 No. 2 Self-ie is now available for pre-order! Get your copy today.

Marie and Sonja by the Pool, 2001

Naomi Harris

Canadian born Naomi Harris is primarily a portrait photographer who seeks out interesting cultural trends to document through her subjects. In June 2012 after living in New York for 15 years she decided to leave and live in her car traveling around America with her dog Maggie in preparation of becoming a US citizen, which she did in August 2013. She currently resides in Los Angeles but returns to her homeland of Canada often to continue working on her project OH CANADA. Thanks to a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts, a book and exhibition is planned for 2017 to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. She also recently completed EUSA which is a reaction to the homogenization of European and American cultures through globalization and is releasing a book by the same title in the spring of 2016. HADDON HALL HOTEL – “Where Living is a Pleasure” Recently I was in Miami Beach on an assignment and I walked the streets barely recognizing the city I once called home for two and a half …

the Lane_2003

Sarah Carp

Sarah Carp was born in Switzerland in 1981. She graduated form the Vevey Shool of Photography in 2003. She is currently based in Wales. She was awarded the first prize at the Situation-2 exhibition and her work has been shortlisted in several competitions, exhibions and festivals. Sarah Carp’s work starts from a private and contemplative study of her immediate surroundings. A daily documentation that leaves room for doubt and for a multitude of possible openings. Through series combining portraits, landscapes and architectural elements, she tries to express the expectation and hesitation before a changing inner and outer world. The images are made instinctively, a mingling at the crossroads of reportage and staged scenes. She loves to tell stories and to offer spaces of freedom. Today we share Sarah’s series titled Roots. Roots “Glendarragh, the Glen of the Oaks. It is there, 30 km south of Dublin, where I went searching for my roots. My late grandmother was Irish and had lived there for a few years. I owed her my passion for art, and it …


Grace Ahlbom

Grace Ahlbom is a Brooklyn based photographer currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Photography at Pratt Institute. Although her photos are not of herself, in a way she is shooting self-portraits. Her work explores her fixation and envy towards boys while taking a playful approach toward her confusion and exploration of her gender identity. Grace started taking pictures in elementary school, photographing her friends riding BMX bikes off of homemade jumps. This eventually led her to documenting everything her friends did. Now, her style is more pseudo-documentary, placing her subjects in an environment that she finds interesting or stimulating, often dressing them in clothes from her own closet, and improvising from there. I use photography to create an image that reflects my identity through a subject other than myself. By capturing characteristics and mannerisms typically associated with the male gender, my work explores my gender identity and adolescence. This area of focus has helped me continue to create my own terms of gender identification that transcends the antiquated dichotomy that dictates gender in society today. My …


Annabel Oosteweeghel

Annabel Oosteweeghel (1969) is a photographer who lives in Noordwijk. She graduated from the Academy St. Joost in Breda where she studied Audio-visual arts. Because of her film background her photos are more then an image. they tell a story. Her commercial work focusses on lifestyle and people. Annabel has been commissioned by a wide variety of advertising agencies and magazines. Besides her commercial work she always continues to wrok on personal photography projects.  Today we share her series, Oblivious. Everlasting And in silence, where time seems to stand still, they ponder what life may have been… ‘What happened to the time, where we chased our dreams, our hearts beating faster?’ ‘When we were young, what did we know about fulfilling a life together?’ Love comes and goes like the ebb and flow of the ocean. And small gaps in their story highlight the loss which becomes obvious: the end of life announces itself subtly – the holding on to that which is known and the secret longing for so much more… Where did we lose …


Sebastian Palmer

Sebastian Palmer, b.1979, currently divides his time between London, the UK and São Paulo, Brazil. Having discovered photography whilst studying Graphic Design at Central St. Martins in London, Palmer went on to specialize in commercial and portrait photography. He has received two 1st place awards at the IPA Lucies and a 1st place award at the SonyWPA, and continues to be published in numerous international publications including The Sunday Times, GQ and WIRED. In this series I have been living in an illegally occupied building in downtown São Paulo, Brazil with some of the 70,000 people that migrate to the city every year in search of a better life. Often arriving from the countryside with little or no money, no skills and high rates of illiteracy their journey is a tough one. They can not afford to pay for rent and the majority can not find employment. Those that do manage to find a job are underpaid and often work 7 days a week to make ends meet. Yet despite these conditions and the hardships …


Elaine Bezold

Elaine Bezold is a photographer originally from Joplin, Missouri. She attended the University of Missouri for a BFA in Photography and Fibers, and The Massachusetts College of Art and Design for her MFA in Photography. She currently lives in East Texas and teaches as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Stephen F. Austin University. Today we share her series, Compulsive Pressure. Compulsive Pressure The small inclinations we have as humans to experience physical sensations without thinking are central to my picture making. Perception of touch in animals is inherently fickle. Light touch can evoke paroxysms of fear and discomfort when it is unexpected. Conversely, deep touch pressure (holding, stroking, swaddling) has been shown to be calming for both humans and animals. When I photograph, I look for moments when the primal reaction to being touched surfaces. Whether a creature is comforted or withdraws­ these responses seem to be a conduit to the subconscious, revealing delicate or destructive thoughts. To view more of Elaine’s work, please visit her website.


Shawn Gust

Shawn Gust is a photographer currently living in Coer. Shawn searches his surroundings for feelings that trigger memories or thoughts. His images are the result of his reactions to those discoveries. With no formal training in the field, he began working in a professional photofinishing lab and retail camera shop in the 1990’s. This experience allowed him to learn at an increased pace. Mostly self-taught on the job, his skills include traditional black and white and color darkroom technique, modern digital retouching, inkjet printing, and studio photography. From there Shawn went to work as a photojournalist for a 20,000 circulation daily newspaper in Coeur d’Alene. In April 2008, Shawn was named one of fifteen photographers from around the globe to participate in the inaugural year of “Pause, to Begin”. In addition, his photographs have been exhibited in galleries in Tacoma, Los Angeles, Detroit, and Rochester and have been published in numerous magazines, newspapers, and online galleries. Well-known artists David Govedare and Rachel Dolezal collaborated with the natural elements during the month of February 2008 to …

40th and Baring, Philadelphia, PA

Jordan Baumgarten

Jordan Baumgarten is a photographer and educator based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jordan received an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a BFA in Photography from the University of the Arts. Informed by his own lived experiences, his projects walk the line between documentary and personal narrative. His work touches on ideas of race, socioeconomics, dissonance, violence, love, loss, and fear within the urban environment. In 2013, he published his first monograph, Briar Patch, with Parts and Labor Books. Briar Patch Briar Patch is about the dissonance felt when your home is somewhere you don’t belong. The images explore a life and a relationship in the context of an at-times violent neighborhood, and the anxiety of that looming violence coming into the home. The dog who catches the car gets killed sometimes An essay written by Jordan Baumgarten introducing an upcoming body of work. Originally published on TIS Books.  My wife Anne and I have lived in the Kensington section of Philadelphia for the past couple years. When I first started making work in this neighborhood, I was …


Benjamin Dimmitt

Benjamin Dimmitt was born and raised on the Gulf Coast of Florida. He graduated with a B.A. from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, FL. He also studied at International Center of Photography in New York, NY, Santa Fe Photographic Workshop in Santa Fe, NM, Santa Reparata Graphic Arts Centre in Florence, Italy and City and Guild Arts School in London, England. He moved to New York City after college and held an adjunct professor position at the International Center of Photography in New York, NY from 2001-2013. He now lives and works in Asheville, NC and teaches workshops at The Bascom in Highlands, NC and at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center in Dunedin, FL. His work is represented by Clayton Galleries in Tampa, FL and by Hagedorn Foundation Gallery in Atlanta, GA. In the spring of 2016, Benjamin will be exhibiting new work in a solo exhibit at Clayton Galleries that examines the impact of saltwater intrusion on the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge in Florida. The same work will be included in the Currents exhibit at the Ogden …


Mo Costello

Mo Costello is an artist currently living in Athens, Georgia where she serves as the Lamar Dodd Post-MFA Teaching Fellow at the University of Georgia. Today we share her series, Vitamins for Troubled Hearts, with an introductory correspondence between Mo Costello and Nich Hance McElroy. Vitamins for Troubled Hearts Mo Costello and Nich Hance McElroy, from The Ones We Love, Volume 1. I contacted Mo on the phone in early February. She’d been traveling under a self-imposed communication blackout, or doing something like traveling, or just taking a break from everything. I texted twice to reschedule our conversation, and when I finally spoke with her I could hear her footsteps on gravel. She spoke quickly and apologized for her shortness of breath; she was at a high elevation in Boulder, Colorado, walking and talking at the same time. Our conversation was peripatetic too — it wandered from personal biography, weather, geography, working habits, a brief genealogy of vehicles (“now I have a van”), a strawberry farm, the town in Oregon where her parents met, the particulars of …


Lisa McCarty

Lisa McCarty is a photographer, filmmaker, and curator based in Durham North Carolina.  Lisa has participated in over 50 exhibitions at venues such as The Ogden Museum of Southern Art, Chicago Photography Center, Houston Center for Photography, Griffin Museum of Photography, Asheville Art Museum, and the American University Museum. Lisa’s photographs have also been shown internationally in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Argentina. Additionally her moving images have been screened at the New York Film Festival, Chicago Underground Film Festival, Cairo Video Festival in Egypt, and Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival in Scotland.  Today we share her series, Transcendental Concord. Transcendental Concord Transcendental Concord is a project to seek out & document the spirit of Transcendentalism, the literary, mystical, & philosophical movement that arose from Concord, Massachusetts in the mid-nineteenth century. While the circle of Transcendentalists in New England was wide at this time, at its center was a core group that lived in Concord. Bronson Alcott and daughter Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau lived within a few …


Pavel Tereshkovets

Raised up in a traveling addicted family Pavel began to make photographs already in his childhood. He travelled with his old soviet cameras a lot and visited almost all countries of Europe as well as former soviet countries, Israel, the Jordan, North Africa and the USA already by the age of 20. “The feeling of endless freedom during these trips, – says the author, – was the point where my inspiration for photography began”. Having a stable job position Pavel was trying to combine his creative addictions like music, photography and writing with his work. But 2010 he suddenly drops his job and decides to dedicate his life to things he really likes. He starts playing in a rock-n-roll band, keeps on writing his first book and travels all around the world. It all serves him as an inspiration in his world of photography. In 2012 he works as a freelance photographer in China and then moves to the United States. Pavel’s works are widely filled with ideas of loneliness, isolation and emptiness. He tries …

AndrewFeiler (43) Trophies - John H. Lewis Complex

Andrew Feiler

Andrew Feiler is a fifth-generation Georgian. Having grown up Jewish in Savannah, he and his photographs have been shaped by the rich complexities of the American South and of being a minority in the South: history and culture, geography and race, tradition and conflict, injustice and progress. Andrew’s photographs have won numerous awards. His work has been featured in museums, galleries, and magazines and is in a number of private collections. He earned his master’s in American history from Oxford University and his master’s in business administration from Stanford University. Today we share his series, Without Regard to Sex, Race, or Color. A large bell hangs in the clock tower overlooking the now quiet campus of Morris Brown College. Its inscription reads, in part, Dedicated to the Education of Youth, Without Regard to Sex, Race or Color. Founded by African Americans in 1881, Morris Brown lost its accreditation to financial pressures and scandal in 2002. Today its campus is largely abandoned. Andrew Feiler was granted unique access to Morris Brown’s hauntingly silent campus. His documentary artistic …