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Some surprising things happen when you put out a bold, seemingly dangerous, call for selfie submissions. We are very excited to announce the arrival of our latest issue! Vol. 3 No. 2 Self-ie is now available! Get your copy today.


Michelle Frankfurter

Born in Jerusalem, Israel, Michelle Frankfurter is a documentary photographer from Takoma Park, MD. She graduated from Syracuse University with a bachelor’s degree in English. Before settling in the Washington, DC area, Frankfurter spent three years living in Nicaragua where she worked as a stringer for the British news agency, Reuters and with the human rights organization Witness For Peace documenting the effects of the contra war on civilians. In 1995, a long-term project on Haiti earned her two World Press Photo awards. Since 2000, Frankfurter has concentrated on the border region between the United States and Mexico and on themes of migration. She is a 2013 winner of the Aaron Siskind Foundation grant, a 2011 Top 50 Critical Mass winner, a finalist for the 2011 Aftermath Project and the 2012 Foto Evidence Book Award for her project Destino, documenting the journey of Central American migrants across Mexico. Her first book, Destino was published in September 2014 by Foto Evidence. Today we share Michelle’s series titled Destino. Destino (2009 – 2014) Meaning both “destination” and …

Dad and Sebastian

Sumiah Salloum

Sumiah Salloum (b.1992) received a BFA and departmental honors in photography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She bases most of her work where she grew up in western Massachusetts. Focusing her work on her family allows her to better understand her roots and upbringing; her father emigrated from Lebanon and her mother from Greece, making Sumiah and her siblings first generation American. Photography allows her to converge layers that make up who she and her family are. Pine Ave. It is natural to experience a level of identity shifts as lives go on, some are more drastic than others. Surrounding influences impact those shifts as well as the knowledge that is picked up while growing. Family is often the subject of Sumiah’s photographs. This series of images explores two significant socio political topics happening within her family. Her aunt and cousin immigrated to America from Lebanon to start a new life while still honoring their native Arab culture. While this was happening, Sumiah’s sister recognized her gender dysphoria and began transitioning to male. …

Glitch Girl

Christian Wilbur

Christian Wilbur is a photographer based in New York, NY. Born in the Long Island suburb of Huntington in 1991, Christian initially used music, drawing, and painting as his primary methods of expression, but he later began photographing to better interact with his peers. Through his photography Christian explores notions of human connectivity and communication within the context of the domestic space and the suburban United States. In 2013, Christian received a B.F.A. in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York, NY. Kelsey Kelsey is an ongoing series documenting the eponymous young woman as she transitions into adulthood while grappling with the affects of Asperger’s syndrome, a pervasive developmental disorder whose primary symptoms include limited social skills, communication difficulties, and fixed preoccupations or rituals. Over the years, Kelsey has developed methods of communication that enable her to express herself in non-verbal ways, such as through music, drawing, and fashion. Early on in her childhood, Kelsey signed up for her elementary school’s orchestra to play the viola; this interest eventually grew into a …


Robert Warren

Robert Warren (b. 1984) is a photographer born in Long Island, NY and spent his childhood between London and New York State. He earned a BFA with department honors from SUNY Purchase in 2009 and an MFA from the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in 2015. He is currently waiting for the rain to stop in Portland, OR. Too Much With Us I’m driving from one town to another. The flora is wooded, mostly, with the occasional homestead, guard rail, and road sign punctuating an otherwise green and hard-scrabbled landscape. Emerging from the greenery are cliffs that, in white paint, are crudely drawn names of the locals in the surrounding towns. The names serve to commemorate these people’s existence at a point in their past – high school graduation, romances that have ended or flourished, or a remembrance of a loved one. Visualizations of land-use, escapism, and self-identity reflected through our surroundings course through this body of work. Photographing scenes of urban and suburban expansion, an evolution of how we use and develop our contemporary landscape becomes apparent — our need dictates the shape of …

Rosemary Kilmurry, 93, in her living room near Atkinson, NE. The proposed Keystone XL pipeline would cut through her property.

Eric Kayne

Eric Kayne was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He took his first photography class in sixth grade and continued with photography off and on until he graduated high school. After high school, he led a vagabond academic life that took him to the University of California Santa Barbara, the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Collin County Community College, Austin Community College and finally the University of Texas at Austin, where he graduated with a BA in studio art. Later on, he earned his MA in Photography at Ohio University’s School of Visual Communication. He now splits his time between editorial and commercial assignments, while creating as much time as possible for personal projects. His clients include Arcade Fire, The Wall Street Journal, Houston Methodist Hospital System, BBVA Compass Bank, H.E.B., and the MD Anderson Cancer Center. In The Pipeline’s Path The Keystone XL pipeline (phase IV), a pipeline designed to duplicate a current pipeline but with a shorter route and larger diameter, has become a point of political contention and a symbol …


Jameson Kergozou

Jameson Kergozou is an English-born photographer and journalist based in Poland. Graduating from the Arts University Bournemouth with a Fda in Commercial Photography, Jameson gained the full Ba through Open College of Arts whilst traveling around India and living in Los Angeles. Since 2013 he has been living in Gdansk, Poland. His work has been exhibited internationally including the AOP Student awards where he was awarded a judges choice. As a journalist he has written for magazines including The Modernist, Boneshaker and Mr. Wolf on subjects including Rickshaws, Scandinavian Design and Social Modernist Architecture. My New Home In 2013 I immigrated to Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland. I had been there only once before on a two week trip meeting my wife’s family and visiting the places where she grew up. I made the move knowing little Polish and looking back very little about the culture. Living in my wife’s childhood home as we attempt to save for a mortgage, photography became my way of communicating and understanding the different environment I found myself in. Noticeable difference …


Louis De Belle

Louis De Belle (b. 1988) is a Berlin based photographer. Born in Milano, he studied Visual Communication and is currently completing a MFA at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. The aim of his photographic work is to highlight the strangeness and plasticity of isolated motifs drawn from everyday scenes. BESIDES FAITH Every two years, the members of the religious industry and representatives of the clergy meet in the North East of Italy for the World Fair for Church supplies, liturgical and ecclesiastical art. For the photographic series Besides Faith, Italian photographer Louis De Belle placed himself in the role of a distant observer, focusing on how one’s perception of sacredness might change by looking at religious items displayed in different perspectives. This trade fair’s functional infrastructure, stocked with clergy apparel, liturgical items and cult objects, becomes the backdrop of a “counter–reality” made of bored salesmen, busy nuns and misplaced items: a last supper is hanging before a modest refreshment, agonizing crucifixes are being quickly deposited, while industrious sisters do their business. As the title of …


John Paul Evans

John Paul Evans is a Welsh born photographic artist and academic who now lives in Devon. His work explores the polemics of gender representation in photography with particular emphasis on queer theory.  John Paul has exhibited widely, nationally and internationally.  Selected publications include: ‘Looking for America’ Ffotogallery publications 2015, Male Bodies a photographic history of the nude- Emmanuel Cooper, Prestel 2004, Art Tomorrow Edward Lucie-Smith 2003, Fully Exposed-Emmanuel Cooper, Routledge 1995.  Today we share his series, The visitors – becoming Mr & Mrs Andrews. The visitors – becoming Mr & Mrs Andrews The work is a response to the history of the painted wedding portrait, in particular John Berger’s polemic about representation, ownership, the landscape and landed gentry:  The images play with the convention of the tourist snapshot. The photograph substantiates the visitor experience by providing evidence:  “what I see has been here”. The photographs depict a generic couple who assert their presence into various public locations, sometimes stately, and sometimes non-specific landscapes. The pair are similarly dressed and pose in a variety of ways. The …


Ryan Shorosky

Ryan Shorosky is a southern New Jersey native who is currently based in New York City. After completing a BFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in 2013 he set out to live and work full-time as a long-haul truck driver. His current body of work, Green Grow the Lilacs, aims to explore a world largely comprised of the line drawn between transparency and translucence. A place where each side lends itself to the other; where glowing neon signs welcoming weary travelers into roadside convenience are met with both familiarity and estrangement. Today we take a look at his series titled, Green Grow the Lilacs. Green Grow the Lilacs During 2014, I spent nearly twelve months living and working as a full-time, long-haul truck driver. I visiting every state in the country at least twice, driving nearly 500 miles a day, seven days a week, and getting to know every interstate from I-10 to I-90 to I-5 to I-95. I saw not only the country first-hand on a daily basis, but also came …

Philosophy Department

Matthew J. Brown

Matthew J. Brown was born in Johnson City, Tennessee. He received his B.F.A from East Tennessee State University in 2015. He has been exhibited regionally and was most recently featured in American Photography and the upcoming first volume of Documentum. Today we share work from Matt’s series Orientation. Orientation Prompted by the three years I spent as a photographer, editor, and director of East Tennessee State University’s newspaper, my project Orientation examines institutional environments and academic culture at East Tennessee State University. The photographs address how students, faculty and staff indirectly interact with, and conform to, a variety of campus spaces as well as depicting how the spaces are utilized and repurposed. The photographs form a loose narrative based on the orientation process used by the administration to familiarize new students with the campus. I emphasize the artificiality of the subject matter while maintaining the appearance of certain naturalistic qualities that are inherent to the material. Employees adapt their work spaces to better reflect their own personality as well as more closely resemble their living …


Jonnie Chambers

Jonnie Chambers is an artist and photographer, currently based between Los Angeles and New York. Upon completion of his BA in graphic design and photography at Central Saint Martins in London, Chambers moved to New York, where he worked as an assistant for Bruce Weber. His client list includes: COS, Clash Music, Dazed & Confused, Hero Magazine, London Sunday Times Magazine, New Era Cap Company, Nike, POP Magazine, Purple Fashion Magazine, and The British Fashion Council. Through the use of photography, Chambers is able to recreate an idea from reality and primarily focus on the certain visual aesthetics that were appealing in the first instance. He recreates these narratives by controlling all visual elements. Through this execution, he is able to highlight his perspective of the real world. To see more photographs by Jonnie, please visit his website. 


Can Dagarslani

Can Dagarslani graduated in 2006 from Mimar Sinan University of Fine Art, Istanbul. He became interested in photography while studying architecture. In 2003 Dagarslani started working on landscape shots that would bring out each city’s architectural plan. When Dagarslani discovered analog photography, his digital camera was put aside for an analog camera that triggered his passion for photography. Today we’re honored to share two series by Dagarslani –  ‘Inside Out’ and ‘Identities’. Dagarslani explains his work as the avoidance of being ordinary – though he utilizes realistic light and colors, there is something unusual and unbelievable about each image. The positioning and expressions creating optical illusions that only strengthen the surreal, other worldly qualities of the work. Identities The search for ‘identity’ is the point of origin of the following series. Two identical and inseparable young women dressed and positioned in the same way, who seem almost like dolls. The unusual sensation of synchronized faces staring at the viewer entice you to initially search for physical similarities before realizing that the two women are not actually related. Dagarslani exposes …

BenoîtJeannet_%22A Geological Index Of TheLandscape%22 2015-12

Benoît Jeannet

Benoît Jeannet lives and works in Neuchâtel Switzerland. He graduated from the photography department of the Lausanne School of Art and Design / ECAL ( Switzerland) and the Photography School of Vevey / CEPV  (Switzerland). Benoît has presented his work in several solo and group exhibitions since 2011, and won the first Focale – Ville de Nyon award in 2012 and the Photo Forum Pas Quart Award in 2015. A Geological Index Of The Landscape is inspired from Anne Cauquelin’s concept. According to her, landscape is an invention that only exists through representation. This project is built on the tension between emotions and rationalism and on man’s frenetic need to make the world fits his scale in order to make it his own. The poetry of the discovery of the world and its landscapes is confronted to the processes of scientific investigation. It is indeed a typological approach that gives the illusion of completeness and systematism of physical and inanimated elements constituting the landscape. But the academic dryness of the title is an irony reminding us that encyclopedic …


Jasphy Yiran Zheng

Jasphy Yiran Zheng was born in southern China, 1992. After living and studying in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom, she is now based in Providence achieving a BFA in Photography at Rhode Island School of Design. She is the recipient of the travel grant from Francesca Woodman Family Foundation in 2015. Her work has been exhibited internationally including US, China, UK and Australia. She uses photography along with other media, from artist books, video to performance to construct her language. The Unfinished Letter This series is based on my journeys in China, where I turned myself into a private investigator to dig out the truth of the suicide of my mentor, who encouraged me to be an artist. It was almost a mission impossible, considering the fact that five years have passed since her death and fifteen years since we first met. Let alone the fact that we have very few mutual friends or connection. Knowing the little possibility of success, my journey is a destructive healing process I gave to myself as well as a gesture of letting go. I revisited …