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Nikki Krecicki

Nikki Krecicki (b.1992) is a fashion and portrait photographer who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She is a recent graduate from the Savannah College of Art & Design, where she received her B.F.A. in Photography. She began making pictures while living in a humid subtropical climate in North Carolina. Her work illustrates dreamy narratives and cultural nuances inspired by her global explorations. Nikki’s objective is to further explore conventional and innovative aspects in fashion. Today we share Nikki’s newest series titled Jane & I. Jane & I “The days were long but filled with the most intense tomatoes the vines could barely hold up. The sunbeams radiated through our quaint but impressive garden that my grandfather tenderly takes care of even with his hunched back. My summer consisted of waking up in the rural area of Denver, NC and walking out to the garden to hear the cicadas buzzing with hostility and routine. The dewy branches were dripping with vibrant yet evolving peaches and pears. My mom’s parents have lived with us the past four …

Douglas Ljungkvist (2)

Douglas Ljungkvist

Douglas Ljungkvist is a Brooklyn based fine art photographer originally from Sweden. His personal work explores vernacular beauty that is graphic, colorful, and quiet. Mood and atmosphere are important aspects to the work that often have subtexts of time, memory and identity. Formally, he is interested in the study of color, form, and space. Douglas has received several prestigious awards including Winner of PDN Photo Annual, Winner of New York Photo Festival Invitational, Gold Px3 Best Fine Art Book proposal, National Geographic “Great Outdoors”, and numerous finalists and honorable mentions. His work has also been exhibited both in the US and Europe, including a solo show at the 2013 Photoville Festival. His Ocean Beach monograph was published by Kehrer Verlag in April of 2014. Historical Overview: It was 1946 when Fred Pearl and his partner Edward Patnaude purchased a tract of land, then desolate and brush-filled, just north of Lavallette NJ. Two laundry deliverymen who over the next 20 years turned this tract into a vacation paradise named “Ocean Beach.” Their vision was to build …


Patty Carroll

Patty Carroll received her BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, and a Master of Science degree in photography from The Institute of Design, IIT in Chicago, studying fine art traditional photography with Aaron Siskind, Arthur Siegel, and Garry Winogrand. Since then, she has continuously taught photography at the university level. She lives in Chicago and Kansas City. Today we share her series, Anonymous Women. Anonymous Women “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain,” commanded the Wizard of Oz, a small, ordinary person hiding behind a curtain pulling strings, levers, and other apparatus creating the illusion of power. Many women find themselves in this position, silently and powerfully running a home and family, creating beauty and order from chaos, but unnoticed by the outer world, the people around them, or even themselves. Yet, obsessing and perfecting the home and its trappings often shape the identity of many of us (not only women.) Perfecting a space with objects or décor becomes so central that one’s identity becomes fused with it to the point of invisibility. As a woman artist, I am confronting emotional issues of hiding, comfort, …


Xiaoxiao Xu

Xiaoxiao Xu (Wenzhou, China, 1984) moved from China to the Netherlands in 1999 when she was a teenager. In 2009 she graduated cum laude from the Photo Academy of Amsterdam. After graduation she won The Photo Award and held her first solo show in the FotoMuseum Antwerpen. She was nominated for the Joop Swart Masterclass several times and she participates in exhibitions all over the world. In September 2014 she published her first book about her hometown in China. Today we share her series, The Sequel – The way to the golden mountain. With photography she is trying to explore her background and roots. Her work balances in-between documentary and the autonomous. With her work she wants to create a certain kind of atmosphere, which is mystical, elusive and alienating. She wants to tell stories that evoke people’s imaginations. The Sequel – The way to the golden mountain Dedicated to my hometown In 1999 I was a teenager when I moved from China to The Netherlands. In 2009 I went back to the city where I come …

Portrait of the Artist

Midge Wattles

Midge is an artist and photographer based in New York City. She is originally from Kalamazoo, MI. She received her BFA in photography from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2012 where she participated in RISD’S European Honors Program in Rome. Based on her interests in art history and the origins of images, she uses photography as a tool for tracing a historical or personal lineage. Replicare- (v.) to replicate, reply, repeat, answer counter, rejoin. We are often introduced to art through photographs. Unlike the original work of art it depicts, the photograph becomes transparent and authorless; it is now an image or an object that you have seen before. By giving context to the replica, this work pays homage to the original as well as questions how we recognize art. Replica asks the viewer to play a visual game of recognition by reconstructing icons of Italian art history. To view more of Midge’s work, please visit her website.


Adrian Skenderovic

Adrian Skenderovic (b. 1984) is a photographer based in Paris, France. He works as a creative in the advertising industry and often times works with talented photographers and directors who inspire him to produce his own projects outside commercial purposes. Originally focusing on candid street photography, Adrian is currently trying to find new points of view on the urban lifestyle by creating more specific bodies of work outside the classical snapshot. He has particular interests in human behavior, specifically in cities and in finding extraordinary moments within the ordinary. Today we share Adrian’s series Down the River. Down the River “In Paris, tourists boats called “bateaux-mouches” cruise down the Seine river, offering sightseers a unique view of the city. In this series, Skenderovic wanted to capture the life of the Seine, by looking down on tourists looking at Paris. Tourism is an interesting subject when you live in the most touristic destination. I’ve tried to approach this series the same way I work on street photography: trying to find the extraordinary within the ordinary. I was first attracted by the esthetic of the boat shot from …


Linda Borst

In June 2014 Borst graduated from the art academy of Utrecht (HKU) with a specialization in photography. During her studies she finished several projects out of which ‘PRORA’ was the most recent. In all her projects she investigate the way in which individuals or communities are influenced by major government inflicted changes in their environment. While these changes are usually determining for both the life style and the life standard, the way in which individuals cope with can vary tremendously. Documenting these changes and investigating the means by which people approach them as a community is central to her work. With her projects, she would like the audience to consider situations that are ambiguous by nature and ask whether injustice is being imposed or whether we simply like to imagine injustice. Today we share Linda’s series titled PRORA (Gesicht Des Wandels). PRORA (Gesicht Des Wandels) In Prora it is not easy to deny the past. Along the coastline and in the midst of scenic dunes a massive, 4.5 km long building dominates the landscape. As part …


Garrett Grove

Garrett Grove (1982) is a photographer based out of Leavenworth, Washington. He has spent the last seven years as a freelance photographer in the editorial and commercial world of travel and adventure sports. Up until last month he was a self-taught photographer but is currently enrolled in the Hartford Art School’s MFA in Photography program (2017). His work and clients have included Patagonia, Outside, National Geographic, ESPN and others. Today we share our interview with Garrett, discussing his three year series titled Snow Dome photographed in Hokkaido, Japan. Snowdome (Hokkaido, 2012 – 2015)  “This project began over the course of my first trip to Hokkaido in 2012.  I was enamored by the juxtaposition of Hokkaido’s dense population and the sheer volume of snow which falls throughout the winter.  During my second trip in 2013/14 thirty feet of snow fell between December 14th & January 14th.  I found some of the most magical times were when I would wake with the residents at 4am and observe the nearly robotic gestures they made in order manage the accumulating snow before the city would populate.” AB: Hey Garrett, tell us a little about how you …


Adam Birkan

Adam Birkan (b. 1990) is a freelance editorial photographer and passionate visual storyteller. Born in Jerusalem and raised in the far off land of Cincinnati, he holds a BS in Visual Communication from Ohio University. He recently spent the last year in Bangkok documenting Southeast Asia. He is currently based between the East Coast and the Mid-West and is accepting assignments (Worldwide) while working personal projects. Today we share a selection of images from his series, All That Glitters… To view more of Adam’s work, please visit his website.


Oliver Wiegner

Oliver Wiegner is a photographer from Bielefeld, Germany born in 1993. Currently, he is studying Photography & Media at the FH Bielefeld Faculty of Art and Design. Today we take a look at Oliver’s series which focuses on how war can impact the environment, more specifically De Zeetoren in Hoek van Holland. Oliver titled the series, The Withering Signal. The Withering Signal De Zeetoren in Hoek van Holland were built during World War II as part of the Atlantic Wall. The Atlantic Wall used to span all the way from the coasts at the border between France and Spain to Norway with a total length of 2685km. De Zeetoren were used as a radar station to localise bomber wings and was classified as a “Festung”, which was the highest rank an area was able to achieve. This photographic work focuses on how nature reclaims such a memory ridden place, which was entirely created for the sake of war and transforms it into something hauntingly beautiful. The bunkers and remains of the war are being swallowed by …


Nelson Chan

Nelson Chan was born in New Jersey to immigrant parents from Hong Kong and Taiwan and has spent most of his life between the States and Hong Kong. Having grown up on two continents with unique cultures, this immigrant experience has influenced the majority of Nelson’s work. He continues to explore his duality of personal and cultural identity through the medium of photography. He is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, where he received a BFA and a graduate of the University of Hartford, Hartford Art School, where he received his MFA. my Da Lu The immigrant experience through explorations of migration, longing, labor, dreams, and sacrifice are the themes that propel my vision. They are rooted in my own life’s identity and experience of being the son of two economic immigrants trying to create and maintain their own version of “The American Dream”. My work is a meditation on the concepts of losses and gains that is congruous to the life of most immigrants; when hope is presented and felt in one’s hands, it quickly slips through your …


Daniel George

Daniel George is an artist and educator, whose interests in photography are in land interpretation and use, and how these things reference culture. His work has been exhibited nationally, and has been featured in numerous online publications, including Fraction Magazine, Feature Shoot, Flak Photo, and Oxford American: Eyes on the South. He is currently based out of Rexburg, Idaho, where he is a Visiting Professor of Photography at Brigham Young University-Idaho. Today we share his series, Nobody Wanted. In the American West, areas of land ignored by early settlers were once described as “the lands nobody wanted.” These places, now publicly owned and overseen by the Bureau of Land Management, are recognized by communities as socially, economically, and environmentally valuable. After moving to the Upper Snake River Valley of Southeast Idaho, Daniel began exploring some of these areas in order to familiarize himself with the region’s geography, and how local residents make use of it. Almost immediately, he noticed artifacts left behind by individuals who utilize the expanses of open desert for recreational purposes—the most …

Appleby Horse Fair 2012

Mattia Zoppellaro

Mattia Zoppellaro was born in Rovigo in 1977. He studied photography at IED in Milan from 1997 to 2000. In 2002, after two years working experience at the Photography department of Fabrica, Mattia moved to England, where he started shooting for several music magazines and record labels. Between assignments, Mattia develops different projects from social reportage (Irish Travellers, Kosovar Refugees, Western Africa Witch Hunters, Hackney’s Homeless, Maximum Security Prisons in Italian North East), to entertainment (Sicilian Religious Ceremonies, Milan Porn Fair) and youth culture features (European Rave Parties, Mexican Punks, Dakar’s Hip Hop Scene). He is now living between London and Milan. Irish travellers, also called Pavees, are a traditionally itinerant ethnic group who maintain a set of traditions. They are predominantly English speaking. The origins of this group are unknown, but there are several assumptions that are difficult to verify given the oral tradition of these people. Some say their ancestor was an artisan who had agreed to build the cross of Christ, and was then condemned to wander without finding a permanent abode. …


Kimberly Witham

Kimberly Witham was born and raised in Wakefield, Rhode Island. She studied art history at Duke University and photography at the University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth. Her photographs are strongly influenced by her studies in art history and her interest in the natural world. Her work has been featured in Color Magazine, PHOTO+ Magazine (S. Korea), BLOW photo (Ireland) and Wired (online) and has been used as cover illustration for books in the US and France. She has won awards and grants including a fellowship at the Center for EmergingVisual Artists and the Lindback Distinguished teaching award. Her work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and abroad and is held in numerous private collections. Kimberly is represented by Gallery Kayafas in Boston. Today we share her series Domestic Arrangements. Still Life with Woodpecker and Scissors, 2011 Still Life with Chipmunk and Pears, 2010 Still Life with Catbird and Cherries, 2013 Still Life with Eggplant,Trumpet Vine and Groundhog, 2011 Domestic Arrangements My work is strongly influenced by natural history dioramas, cabinets of …


Chelsea Darter

Chelsea Darter (b. 1990) is a photographer currently based out of the Midwest. She earned a BFA from The University of Iowa in 2013. Her work focuses on the overlooked enigmas of the everyday. She’s fascinated with the subtle silent moments that seek an overarching narrative within the American landscape. Americana, humor, mythologies and nostalgia of place are recurring motifs throughout her images. Darter has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally and has been featured as an emerging photographer in Photographer’s Forum Magazine. Today we share her latest series, Route ’66. My most recent work is a visual exploration of Route ’66. Once a major path for western migration taken by families displaced by the dustbowl to a major post- WWII tourist route, the 2,500-mile stretch was a tangible symbol of the American Dream. Now only stretches of the historic road remain, and the many stops along the way have fallen into disrepair, only fondly remembered by an older generation. Following the photographic tradition of the American road-trip I set out to document what …